Veterans in Atlanta Scammed By Real Estate Company – Almost Caused Evictions

Cheryl Triplett is a Gulf War veteran. She also always pays her rent on time. However, that didn’t help her much when a Sheriff’s deputy knocked on her door to present her with an eviction notice. Luckily for Cheryl, she had receipts showing that her rent had been paid, and that the money had been received by Stratford Corporate Realty, the real estate company that had sublet the apartment to her.

You see, last year, Cheryl had gone to Hope Atlanta. Hope is a reputable non-profit organization devoted to helping veterans that has been around for over 100 years. The Hope counselor that was helping Cheryl had referred her to Stratford, whose (as she just recently found out) offices are apparently located in a P.O. box at the local UPS Store.

For months, Cheryl has been sending ‘rent’ money to Stratford Corporate Realty, along with her housing money from the VA. The only problem is, the money that she has been sending never made it to the rental office of the Apartment Complex in which Cheryl was residing. Stratford had plenty of excuses as to why they hadn’t paid rent – from computer problems to claiming to have never received payment from the Marietta Housing Authority, which works with the VA to pay housing expenses for veterans.

Marietta Housing Authority Director Marion C. (Pete) Waldrep, Jr says that Stratford scammed everyone, including Cheryl, the Apartment Complex, the VA, the Marietta Housing Authority and Hope Atlanta. What’s worse? Cheryl is only one of at least six victims to be scammed by Stratford.

The good news is that since Stratford took money from the VA, the case has been assigned to the office of the Attorney General, which spells a real possibility of jail time for whoever is found responsible at Stratford. And Cheryl and the six other victims were given monetary help and vouchers from Hope and the Marietta Housing Authority for deposits and moving expenses so they can relocate without suffering any further losses.

As of now, Cheryl has found a new apartment in Kennesaw. Hopefully she and the six other victims can put this behind them, and hopefully justice will be served (and HARSH punishments dealt) to whoever is responsible at Stratford Corporate Realty.

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