Devastating Effects of Hurricane Odile

Out of all the hurricanes to hit the Baja California peninsula of Mexico, hurricane Odile is the worst so far. The 125 mph winds of the category 3 storm blew all over the place, causing severe damage to buildings and people. It is estimated that around 11 inches of rain were experienced in a span of just one hour. This was reported by Nick Wiltgen who is a meteorologist for The Weather Channel. This is quite shocking since the average annual rainfall of the region is 13 inches. Receiving 11 inches in an hour must have been very devastating. There is a possibility that the readings were inaccurate due to damage to the equipments but the fact remains that unusually heavy rainfall was experienced.

Tourists who were being accommodated at the Cabo San Lucas resorts and the locals nearby experienced the devastating effects of the storm. There was flooding at the hotels and windows were shattered by the harsh winds that blew across the region. Some parts of the hotel even collapsed resulting in a huge loss. Although the scope of the damage has not yet been assessed, the scene of the aftermath of the storm gives evidence that severe damage was caused both physically and emotionally. Some people sustained injuries from flying objects such as shattered pieces of glass.

Various people have described what was going on during the storm and from their experiences, it is clear that the ordeal was terrifying and they were deeply affected. Josh Morgerman, a storm chaser in California witnessed his lobby at the Cabo hotel bursting in a heap of rubble. It was so bad that he had to look for an escape route and he finally made it out safely through running, scampering and crawling. Deneb Poli who is a medical worker at the Hotel Melia Cabo Real described the damage as pretty extensive. A nurse from Alabama named Chelsea Ballenberger gave a more detailed description of what she experienced. She was staying at La Paz city. When her room was flooded, she decided to move to the bathroom. Shortly after she went to the bathroom, the windows of the room were shattered and the loud passing wind could be heard everywhere. She describes the ordeal as one of the scariest things she has been through.

The direction of the storm was heading upwards the peninsula on Tuesday. However, its strength is expected to decrease and hopefully, less damage will be caused. The Mexican authorities had already started evacuating people in coastal areas and shelters for 30,000 people were already put in place.

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